Who We Are

Industrial Environmental Coalition of Orange County (IEC/OC) is comprised of agency representatives, environmental educators, environmental health and safety professionals, consultants and related business members. Check out our member organizations!

What We Do?                                                                                                                                                                                            

IEC/OC Promotes EH&S Compliance By Providing Resources and Improving Communication Between Industry and Government. For this, IEC/OC organizes:

(1) Luncheon Meetings;

(2) Regulatory Committee Meetings;

(3) Webinars (Online Sessions);

(4) Facility Tours;

(5) Training Programs; and

(6) Social Networking Meetings.                                                                              

IEC/OC holds luncheon meetings and online webinars at least every other month to educate member companies/members on environmental compliance issues and organizes regulatory committee meetings to review and comment on proposed regulations in order to ensure member interests are addressed.  Our luncheon meetings feature highly experienced and learned speakers from both government and industry.  These meetings are a great opportunity to get to know business and government representatives who focus on environmental health and safety issues. 

IEC/OC also presents webinars to educate members on various topics of interests and organizes training programs to educate members on compliance matters and achieving compliance.

IEC/OC organizes tours of facilities which excelled in EH&S compliance to educate interested members on the best EH&S compliance practices and technologies. IEC/OC also organizes social networking meetings.

IEC/OC also provides resources to help members:

  • Identify current and proposed EH&S laws and regulations
  • Navigate the complex EH&S regulatory structure
  • Communicate with other professionals and key agency personnel on EH&S issues
  • Organize and streamline EH&S management objectives
  • Control EH&S compliance costs

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For Information about IEC/OC Activities or Help with Registrations, Sponsorships, Donations, and Payments, Please Contact Daniel Chavez at (562) 900-7466 or send an email to Info.IECOC@gmail.com.   

Industrial Environmental Coalition of Orange County (IEC/OC)      
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