IEC/OC Regulatory Committee Meeting

  • 15 Jun 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online


IEC/OC Regulatory Committee Meeting (Online)

Date:              Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Time:              12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Location:        Online (Microsoft Teams) Meeting

RSVP: John Gleason, IEC/OC Regulatory Committee Chair; Tel:  (949) 981-3867; Email:

Participation (IEC/OC Members Only):

You are invited to attend the IEC/OC Regulatory Committee Meeting, learn about the regulatory topics/issues this year, and participate in the discussions.

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Meeting Agenda:

1. Welcome by John Gleason, IEC/OC Regulatory Committee Chairs: 

i. Acknowledge and confirm present subcommittee chairs

a. Safety - Amir Baum and Fred Just (BSI Group)

b. StormWater/Water – Mehran Ebrahimi (GSI), Elizabeth Zernik (BSI Group), and Brenda Palermo (AECOM)

c. HazMat/Waste – Bob Rost (ClaVal/Griswold) and Hari Gupta (Coriolis)

d. Air – Paul Engel (BlueScape) 

ii. Welcome the New HazMat/Waste Subcommittee Co-Chair Rachel Mireles, TRC and new Air subcommittee Co-Chair Kevin Cosgrove (NV5)

2. Discuss Regulatory Committee Issues:

Air Quality Subcommittee - Chair(s): Paul Engel/Kevin Cosgrove

AB 96 California Clean Truck, Bus, and off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program and AB 426 Toxic Air Contaminants

* Hot topics - CARB advanced clean fleet rule – difficultly finding current technology. Get CARB to come and talk? Going to electric. (Carol Kaufman). SCAQMD Rules 1170, 118.1. Reclaim related air toxic rules driving health risk assessment. Rule 1466 – soils with TACs changes for landfills and trenching. Monitoring shutdown equipment? Rule 1470?

Stormwater/Water Subcommittee - Chair(s): Mehran Ebrahimi/Elizabeth Zernik/Brenda Palermo

* Potential Stormwater Fee Change—The State is considering revising fees on stormwater permits. Currently, stormwater fees are billed annually on a flat rate, and the regulators are considering billing based on acreage of exposed industrial activities. The Subcommittee will discuss recommended action items, implications, and opportunities.

* Annual Evaluations and Reports—Reminder that annual reporting is due July 15th

* IGP, CGP summer 2021? and MSGP, MS4, SB 205 business license IGP requirement; AB 377 Impaired waters); final version ADA conflict so still “Unofficial Draft” is current approved version online. Water Boards have clarified it is enforceable and is planning to enforce the Effluent limits (TMDL NELs). Why are warehouses being covered by IGP?

HazMat/Waste Subcommittee - Chairs: Bob Rost/Rachel Mireles/Hari Gupta

* CERS - after the fact, Review list of Bills that were suggested, CUPA regulatory presentation topics from January; SB 54 Solid waste: disposable packaging and food ware; AB1 Hazardous Waste; AB 480 Hazardous Substances). RM – HMBPs rejected for site maps. Tanks need labeling with contents and #s on site map on legend.  E- Manifest – IECOC monitoring progress on paperless manifesting.

Safety Subcommittee - Chairs: Amir Baum/Fred Just

a. Proposed OSHA update to the handrail and stair rail requirements under Walking Working Surfaces Standard for General Industry (Amir)

b. Recent changes made to Cal-OSHA temporary emergency COVID standards for vaccinated employees and reporting of asymptomatic exposures (see attached handout that will be used for the presentation) (Amir)

c. OSHA requirements for documenting and recording adverse reactions to COVID vaccine (Fred will be discussing this along with recent requirements in Santa Clara County for employers requiring workers returning to work to prove that they have been vaccinated.)

d. Safety Fair – Set a Date and discuss format and speakers.

3. Regulatory Training – set a date. sometimes its 101 training but can also be focused on certain regulatory topics.

4. REVIEW Action items and schedule next meeting - September

Thank you for the support and see you at the meeting.


John Gleason, Chairman

IEC/OC Regulatory Committee

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